How will my donation be used?

Your donation is used by TCF Space Coast Chapter in many important ways. Every dollar that is donated by you to a charity is important. That is why, when you make a tax deductible donation to our Chapter, you should feel confident that what you have generously given will be used carefully to help us in our mission to help grieving families heal following the death of a child.

How To Donate On Paypal
Clicking the donate button will take you to the PayPal page.

Once you are in the PayPal page for our Chapter, you can put in the amount you wish to donate.

Under the amount you can tell us who or what the donation is for. If it is a memorial for a child, make sure the child’s name is included so we know who to honor.

You are able to pay with Paypal, Credit Card, or a Debit Card. You will see the options on the page below the instructions. After making your donation, you will be given a receipt showing TCF Space Coast Chapter as the recipient of your donation, which is Tax Deductible as a 501(C)3 Charity.

If you have any questions or problems please contact us at

Thank You

for helping us support families healing after the loss of a child.