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Our Story

The Space Coast Chapter of The Compassionate Friends was founded by JoAnn Whorley. Our Chapter is a support group of bereaved parents, grandparents, and siblings, all grieving the death of our children, grandchildren, brothers, or sisters. We cannot change what has happened, but we are helping each other learn to cope with where we are now, and find reason to go on when we feel our world has been destroyed. We want to assure you that you can survive this terrible tragedy; the death of your precious child. It does not matter how old or young your child was, nor how or when he or she died. What does matter is that we care about you.

We invite you to attend our meetings when you feel ready. It is important that you proceed with your grieving in your own way, in your own time.

At our meetings, you will hear from others whose child died from pre-birth to adulthood. Some who attend will be young and some will be old. Some will be women and some will be men. Some will come alone while others will come as couples.

If you’re shy or unable to talk about your loss, you do not have to speak, although you will have the opportunity. No one is forced to talk about his or her loss. Much can be gained by listening. Some people believe it’s harder to talk in front of strangers about something so intimate as the loss of a child, but because everyone else at the meeting has had a similar experience, they understand much of what you are feeling and you will eventually reach a comfort level with those you meet. A point to always keep in mind is that what is said in the meeting stays in the meeting. The privacy of our members is important. We’re all there to work toward healing.

Occasionally you will hear laughter. This is not a dishonor to any child. Rather it is often a reaction to a wonderful memory of a child.

When you come to our meetings, we ask that you attend at least three meetings before you decide if the group is for you. For many, the first meeting may also be the first time they’ve been able to talk about what has happened to them and to their family and to the child. This can bring a lot of emotion which seems to disappear over the months as you talk about your loss. Don’t worry, we’ll bring the tissues. Crying is honored. Tears are a healthy manifestation of mourning which helps soften our grief.

Many people, hoping to help, will advise you to get on with your life. We know better. There is no timetable to follow and each of us have our own grief journey. We all grieve differently, but we do not grieve alone. Our Credo ends, “We Need Not Walk Alone, We are the Compassionate Friends.”

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Chapter Leaders

Chapter Leader: Mary
Secretary: Sheri
Treasurer: Katie

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Steering Committee

Carol, Connie, Debbie, Ed, Jeannie, Maxine, Melinda, Sherry, Tim, Thomas

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Newsletter Editor: Carmen
Newsletter:  Sheri & Marcy
Facebook: Katie & Sheri
Web Site: Carmen, Katie, & Sheri

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TCF North Florida Regional Coordinators

Becky & Pam

Chapter Newsletter

Our newsletter is published every other month and includes articles, poems, memorials, and chapter information about upcoming events. Many find support and hope in the messages of love and understanding. If you would like to receive the newsletter, contact us at newsletter@tcfspacecoast.org or call 401-497-6720.