Reflecting on 2017



As I sit and think over 2017 (is that really the truth?) I realize it has been a wonderful year with two more months to enjoy. I will admit that time seems to be going faster and faster with each additional wrinkle. However, I’d have it no other way.

When 2017 arrived I was a nervous wreck thinking of all that had to be done. The Conference was constantly on my mind even though it was seven months away. Before July would come, I knew we had to endure a move with five people moving with us. We also had our TCF Mother’s—Father’s Day brunch coming. Doesn’t sound like much, but it was! It was a lot to face, and we weren’t even to the hard planning for the Conference. Homeschooling was the cherry on top.

In spite of all those worries, the year was more than wonderful. The move was just physical work, and most of it has been completed. Whew! But I’m still here! The Brunch was great, and I learned how to breathe—if I can remember. And surprisingly, everything was a piece of cake while preparing for the Conference.

The 2017 TCF Conference in Orlando was great. The other evening at our meeting one of our dear members, Melinda, said that there were 1500 people there, mostly strangers, yet she felt completely safe! How very true. Safe, welcome, loved, not alone, accepted, and many more adjectives. The event was wonderful, and being a part of it was a true blessing. The conference really represents what TCF is ultimately all about, a place of safety. Our meetings are also a place where you can come and feel safe, and where you can express your emotions, feelings, fears, anger, and sadness without being judged. I know there are many of you who still feel the heartache and sadness of early grief, and none of us will ever forget our children. But hopefully our meetings, like the Conference, provide a refuge and safe place for each of you.

“The conference really represents what TCF is ultimately all about, a place of safety.”

As good as the first ten months have been, the last two promise to be just as meaningful. When you get this the Picnic will be over, and we will be listening to Alan Pedersen, the outgoing TCF Executive Director, tell us how to prepare for the holidays. In December we have our beautiful Candle Lighting that Lori is working on so very diligently. If that is not enough—WOW—we have two very special luncheons that Lisa has planned in November and December. We are going back to the Mansion in November, and Yellow Dog Cafe in December!

What a great way to end the year! 2017 has been the best year ever. Thank you Mandy!❤




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