hour glass and flowers

“‘Where Does the Time Go?”

Holidays are over and 2019 is here. I hate to repeat myself, but where does the time go? Last year was a great year for me. I put into perspective so many things that had gotten askew over the past years. I’m excited about 2019 — new is always good!

Just finished the Candle Lighting in December. There were people we had not seen for a while, people we see every month, and new people joining us. The evening is an amazing way to end the year, and a hopeful way to start the New Year. Thank you !

One thing that 2019 is showing me is that there are many parents out there who need a little comfort. We had several people who were new come to the Candle Lighting—focus is now on them, and their comfort. Hopefully they felt welcomed and loved. Because we do welcome and love them.

Seeing people we had not seen for a while is very comforting and refreshing. Hoping that in 2019 we will see them more frequently. Joan, Wally, and Daniel. We are all very different, but our beautiful children unite us into one family. It doesn’t matter what or how it happened their death is the Golden thread that binds us together.

2019 is the tenth anniversary of Mandy’s death, something I never thought I could face, something I hoped would never come. However, it is here—ten years. I never could have managed this without the Golden Thread connecting me to all of you. I love all of you.
2019—we’ve got you !

We will face the ups and the downs together with love, hope, and comfort.

Mandy I love you!