Welcome My Beautiful Gardenias

When my Gardenia bushes start to bloom I know summer is not far away. It’s been a little cool, so they are a little slow—but they are beautiful. I have them everywhere in the house, and the smell is delightful. However, my allergies aren’t happy!

The gardenias trigger more than my allergies, they trigger a precious memory. The day Amanda was married, May 1, 1999. The flowers were everywhere, and the smell inside and out was heavenly. I cannot look at them without thinking of our beautiful daughter, the bride.

I love to go back to that beautiful day, and rest. Everyone was happy— surprise, surprise—nobody was fighting. All of our children were here, and enjoying each other, helping to set everything up before the florist, caterer, and musicians arrived. A memory that I want to stay in for a while, and find peace.

Alan Pedersen is so very right, it’s not about the death but about the life. May First is a day to remember, no longer with tears and sadness, but with joy and laughter. Beautiful memories of Amanda with fun and laughter thrown in. A family enjoying the best life has to offer, and not nine years and ten months later when they suffered the worst life has to offer.

Welcome my beautiful gardenias, you are a part of one of my favorite memories, and you smell delightful.