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A Letter to the Recently Bereaved

Dear Friend,

I want you to know that the way you are feeling today – alone, lost and sad beyond measure, I have also felt, and still feel many times.

However, I also want you to know that this awful all-consuming grief may lessen as time marches by. Will it ever be completely gone? I think not. You will smile and laugh again, and I want to share that with you.

But right now, you can feel none of that joy and hope. Our group is here to walk with you on your journey-picking you up just like you will pick us up along the way. The next step for you is the hardest – joining us for the first time at one of our meetings. I promise you will be greeted with open arms, and we welcome you to share your inner feelings, which we will honor and never share outside the meeting. Or you can sit and listen.

I want to make that step as easy as possible. If you feel any uncertainty, please call me before you come. I would love to talk to you, listen to you, and make sure you feel welcome to our group. I am available anytime. I am so sorry that you are going through this, but so glad you found us. Please join us! Call me at 321-442-3540. Let’s talk!


Mary Lane

Chapter Leader