Please check your email for details about our Dec. 21st Zoom meeting. If you are new, please email for information or with questions.

While each meeting can have a completely unique “feel”, we follow a fairly standard format. We will begin with a Welcome, general announcements, and an explanation of our meeting guidelines to keep the meeting safe for everyone. We will read our Credo as a group, and someone will read the Birthdays and Anniversary dates of our children who were born or lost that month.

We will conduct a “go around” where we briefly introduce ourselves, and our child, to each other so we all have a feel for the losses of others at the meeting. The bulk of the meeting occurs in the Sharing Session, which may start with a topic, activity, or in most cases, an open opportunity to share your feelings and issues you are facing regarding your grief. Priority is given to new grievers.

There is no requirement to speak, but you can feel free to share anything! We end each meeting with a simple candle lighting ceremony and time to socialize and get to know each other. Each meeting lasts two hours, and we end on time.