Based on the favorable feedback we got, we have decided we need to provide the opportunity to physically get together on a regular basis. So we have reserved the same pavilion for Saturday August 22nd for another picnic!!! All the same distancing rules will apply, assuming no change by authorities. So make your plans now.

Once again, we are limited to 50 people Max. So let us know ASAP if you will attend. Name and number of people, please.

It will be informal like our regular luncheons, and you will need to bring everything for your group’s lunch. This time we will NOT provide water. We took home most of what we brought last time and its a pain to transport. So bring your own drinks. Since this costs the chapter each time we do one, we will have a donation jar, but do not let this deter you. Donations are optional. If this one proves successful, we will plan them monthly until Normal shows up. Whatever Normal is! Anyway, just reply to this email to RSVP. It is great to see each other in person. Join us, especially if you missed last Saturday’s. It was a GREAT TIME!!!

Sign up now.  Email your RSVP to  Get out of the house and safely share some friendship and meet new members.  Our last one was great!